It happens to the best of us. For some it becomes almost a constant baseline which other emotions just fall on top of, for others it consumes them for days/weeks at a time, some containing it until they no longer physically can and the stress explodes out at the nearest person, but for those lucky few stress is a fleeting feeling that happens only rarely and they overcome it as quickly as it came about. I really REALLY wish I was in that last category…
Each person handles the stress in their lives differently, and there are hundreds of things that could cause a person stress; friends, family, moving jobs/location, work, hobbies, chores, expectations, the loss of someone/something, the actions of others- the list is pretty much endless, especially as some people can get extremely stressed over the smallest things.
Although stress is an extremely common thing in our current culture a lot of people do not seem to be able to handle it very well. There are many ways in which a person’s stress can show through; some just in a change of general demeanour or attitude, some show it in how they treat others, in some cases stress can cause long term illness, skin problems, mood swings, exhaustion, snapping or shouting at people- more often than not at those closest to you- you might feel angry or emotional more often, feel more tired, your self-esteem can take a huge hit, it can alter your sleeping and eating patterns and it can push those close to you away.
As well as there being multiple indicators and causes of stress there is also a multitude of ways in which people try to lower their stress levels. Obviously there are some stresses you can’t escape- going round IKEA or putting the furniture together for example, the stress is inevitable- but I always find snuggling up in my onesie or pj’s and fluffy dressing gown with a hot choc (marshmallows and squirty cream are also a must for me), Horlicks or cup of tea in front of a chick flick, Disney film or rom com works wonders for the little day to day stresses, if you pick a feel good film you’ll hopefully then have a little pick me up.
There are so many articles online about stress, its causes, effects and how to lessen it. A couple I have found quite interesting are:

I know I have been very stressed lately, for multiple reasons but a lot of it stemming from the fact I have recently started a new job which is completely different to those I have done in the past, and I have looking been looking at moving for the last few months so house viewings, budgeting and fitting it all in has been hard, I haven’t seen so much acne on me since I was a teenager (which subsequently also stresses me out), my sleeping and eating habits have been all over the place and I haven’t managed to get into a proper routine with anything yet. That plus the every day pressure of us millennials to have the perfect social media depicted life, have the right achievements but the right age, babies, marriage, house owner, travels etc etc etc. It is crazy the amount of pressure people have weighing them down. Luckily I have started to be less concerned with comparing myself to others and have stopped stressing so much about where I am on the achievement scale.
I think in the end what we really need is to be able to go somewhere when we’re stressed, to be able to escape slightly from whatever is causing the stress even if it’s just through a book or a film. So many of us spend so much time engulfed in work, trying to be a successful adult, keeping on top of the bills, the countless chores that seem to constantly pile up and trying to please everyone else, that we hardly ever get time to relax and get back to ourselves (which coincidentally links in quite nicely to my article about self care from last week, love a bit of accidental linkage). We need to look after our minds and bodies, and maybe if we did that, the things that stress us out now won’t have such a big effect on us-the smaller stresses at least.
Good luck and congratulations if you are trying to live a less stressful life,
Any tips or hints for me to do the same would be very much appreciated.
Until next time, TTFN.


What causes you stress? What are your go to stress relievers? Any tips for the rest of us? Let me know in the comments.


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