Podcasts – My 2 current favourites

Podcasts – My 2 current favourites

I have a very strange relationship with podcasts. I either listen to them while working, cleaning, driving and whenever most people would listen to music. Or, I don’t listen to any podcasts for several weeks. However, at the moment my podcast listening is back on the up. I have started a brand new podcast, and revisited an old favourite.

My two favourite podcasts that I am currently listening to cover two of my favourite fandoms. Harry Potter and Marvel (among other superhero topics). Potterless (a play on the original name of the Pottermore site that has since been renamed) covers Harry Potter themes. This is the old favourite I have returned to and started catching up on. That Superhero Thing discusses Marvel, DC and other superhero topics. The brand new podcast I have been listening to.

What did/do you think? Are they topics that interest you? How do you like the way they are presented? They are both approached in quite a different way and have unique styles which I love.

For those of you who haven’t listened to any of their content yet here is a little more information on each of these fabulous nerdy podcasts. I would love to hear what you think about these two, or any others you may recommend.

Potterless podcast

Potterless has been posting out since 2016. Meaning if you want to catch up on the Potterless podcast you have nearly 200 episodes to catch up on! If you’re just starting the podcast you have a lot of hours to listen to. As it has been going so long not only are there lots of episodes, they also have social media pages, a website and merchandise you can buy with infamous quotes from the podcast including ‘wizard on’, ‘it’s definitely Ludo Bagman’ and ‘you know what really steams my nuggets’.

Potterless is presented by Mike Schubert who until starting this podcast had never read or seen much of Harry Potter. Each episode features various guests who actually know a lot about the HP universe and are usually very invested in getting Mike to become a fan.

That Superhero thing podcast

tst podcasts logo

A brand new podcast for 2021, started because of all the discussion surround the WandaVision series and the upcoming trailers for so many new Marvel and DC creations. There are now 6 episodes and from episode 3 they have their own jingle. They have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for you to join in the conversations and share regular content to keep you entertained.

Presented by two friends Nick and Antony, from Liverpool who are both movie buffs and love superhero themed chats.

Other suggested podcasts

When discussing podcasts with my peers I am often given recommendations of similar ones to listen to. When I mention my fondness for these podcasts, and the self development phase I have recently gotten into, I have been told to check out several others as well. Podcasts such as:

  • Goblet of wine: A drunken British Harry Potter podcast
  • Harry Potter and the Sacred Texts
  • Happy Place
  • UnF*ck your brain
Have you listened to either of these podcasts yourself?

I have lots of other podcasts in my queue, ones that I am really keen to start but I like to make sure I’ve kept up with these two first. I was also listening to Ruth Soukup’s Do It Scared podcasts but they finished last December and I’ve caught up with them all now, after starting them several years later. If you are a fan of superheroes and/or Harry Potter I would thoroughly recommend these two podcasts.

Which podcasts do you listen to? What would you recommend?

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