Who is indecisiveoverthinker?

Who is indecisiveoverthinker?

My first blog entry was just a bit about what I’m planning to do with this blog, and what I hope to achieve (and document) in the near future, so I thought for my second entry it might be an idea to tell you a bit about myself.

I’m nearly 30 (I turned 28 in May 2019) and still no clue on what I want to do as a career; I’ve completed a degree, attempted teaching, actor training, management training and still have no idea what path I should be on. I’m currently working for a charity called Growing Space, based in South Wales/Gwent and supports individuals with learning disabilities, mental health issues and autism (for more information on what we do or if you want to follow our social media just follow our linktr.ee ^_^)

I am currently living with my Grandmother after having to move back home to Wales to start afresh, I have a car now and feeling a lot more positive with the people I am surrounding myself with.

I have been living with anxiety and depression for the last few years and was on medication for 18 months but have since been trying to get by without. Due to this I do find that a lot of my inspiration for posts comes from my want to add colour to my life and wardrobe, how to improve mental health and what makes me happy. Being indecisive meant that I couldn’t decide on a niche for my blogging, I over think pretty much everything, (to quite an annoying level actually…) I still don’t know how people have put up with me as long as they have to be honest (sorry guys and gals), I am extremely grateful to those who have stuck it out though ^_^ love you.

I am extremely lucky to have an amazing group of supportive, beautiful (inside and out), talented friends. I’m hoping to rope them in to doing some collaborations with me on here. It’s a good excuse to go visit them too.

I love performances, either watching others showcase their immense skills or me getting on stage and trying not to make a fool out of myself with singing, acting, or dancing (as long as I’ve had extensive practice first). I love to watch films, listen to music, read books, learn new skills, try new things, going for picnics, random days out, going camping, going to the beach, travelling, shopping, eating. I love to bake things, make crafty bits, scrapbooking (when I finally get around to putting them all together), homemade presents or photo gifts are quite common from me, or Disney/Harry Potter themed because I’m a little obsessed with the world of Disney/Pixar, Harry Potter and kids films in general really…

I hope you have fun reading about my endeavours and getting ever closer to the next milestone- the big 3-0. If you like what you read feel free to like/share/comment, I always love getting feedback and I’m looking for collaborations too 🙂 I am always looking for inspiration and am open to writing about anything I am passionate about but the majority of my posts seem to be related to mental health, travel posts or reviews.

Until next time. TTFN

(for those of you who did not grow up with Winnie-The-Pooh, this means “ta ta for now” or see you soon)

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