Tortz shorts review

Tortz shorts review

Summer is the season of sunshine, tan top ups, holidays, cool sunglasses, gorgeous summer dresses, picnics, sports and hopefully the chance to see friends and family.
BUT it is also the season of way too many little annoying bugs, sweat, socks with sandals, flip flop chaffing, resentment if you’re in work when others are enjoying the beautiful weather, sun burn, having to wear way too much sun cream (if you’re anything like me that is), topless men-many of which really shouldn’t be- and the bane of my summer life-
I have however found a new way of helping this problem thanks to one of the blogs I follow. I read a review on UpYourVlog about Tortz and thought I’d order a pair and give it ago- they are now my new best friend this season*.
The shorts aren’t too badly priced and mine arrived within a few days of ordering them so was able to test them out pretty quickly, I ordered a large as I’m on the chunky side and they fit really nicely, probably could have gone for a medium as they’re quite stretchy to be honest. They are a similar shape to the shapewear shorts you can get these days but the fabric is more like tights, they’re not meant to be your supportive ‘suck it all in’ pair of Bridget Jones’.

Well, the fact I managed to wear a dress with no leggings or tights or any other defences other than the tortz shorts and had no rubbing, chaffing or marks on my thighs at all after wearing the dress through the midday sun on one of the hottest days we’ve had this year is a pretty big achievement, especially considering normally the rubbing starts pretty quickly and the pain follows not long after and then I have to walk around looking ridiculous.

You do have to line up the lace sections on each leg as the lace can rub slightly otherwise and they cling to the thighs a little but as it needs to stay there I forgave them for that, plus the fact I avoided the summer nightmare that is chub rub for an entire day I’m impressed by and extremely happy with them.
I would genuinely recommend them to anyone who has the same problem as me. I’m looking forward to not having to melt in leggings under everything in order to stop the chaffing this year.
Until next time. TTFN


Have you tried these yourself? How did you find them? Have you found anything similar I could try out? Let me know in the comments.


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*this is not an advert, I have received no payment or gift for this review, I purchased the item myself and wanted to write a post about it.

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