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The dreaded ‘D’ word… DIET- I shudder at the word (metaphorically speaking).
There have been so many short term fixes and fads that have circulated over the last decade or so which a lot of the time are detrimental to long term health. It stresses me out the amount of pressure that is put on people (men and women alike) to have the ideal bodies, especially this season, which is the reason these fads get so popular. The amount of articles in magazines and online about how to ‘achieve your bikini body’ or to ‘get that 6-pack’ is ridiculous.
That is not right, we should be allowed to feel confident in our own bodies, if beauty magazines and other media accepted more body types people might actually feel that they have the right to have confidence in their own skin rather than being shunned for being different. The amount of people who suffer with eating disorders is worryingly high, women are being pressurised into being a ‘perfect 10’, size 0, toned, tanned etc, men are being told they need to have huge abs, biceps, pecs… a lot of the time they are insane expectations, things that don’t suit everyone, can’t be achieved by everyone and in my opinion shouldn’t be attained by everyone either.
Yes, obviously, obesity is a serious health risk and puts huge amounts of strain on your heart and joints but going to the other extreme is just as deadly.
As long as you are happy and healthy that should be what is celebrated!
More people could probably actively try harder to lead healthy lifestyles (me included!) but it shouldn’t have to be for weight loss or public acceptance, if you are unhappy with your body and there is a healthy, natural, unobtrusive way to achieve that change, act now, do something about it, be happy in your own skin, it is a great feeling, one that everyone deserves to have but one which is sadly a rarity these days.

I personally will be trying harder to live a healthier lifestyle soon (we have to eat all the sweets and biscuits we currently have first haha), but not because society believes me to be overweight or because I feel pressured by the media but because I’d like to feel less sluggish, more energised, have clearer skin, and gain some more self confidence along the way.

A lot of that can be achieved by making a few small changes and that’s what I plan to do, baby steps of change in my eating and exercising habits with the aim of feeling healthier and happier and as I’m not doing it on my own we can motivate, encourage and find will power through each other, plus it would be great to see the confidence and sports skills improve for us both.

The last two weeks we’ve hired out a badminton court and its been really fun but I’d like to not feel so worn out at the end of it, I would like to be able to go on hikes and not feel like I’m going to die 10 minutes in, I would love to go for bike rides, long walks, swims and things again because I used to love doing it.

The plan is to start being healthier Monday as that is also the day I start my new job, so I can get into a routine with everything again, it also gives us a chance to polish off the unhealthy snacks we currently have haha.

Can’t wait to see if there’s any noticeable differences, and/or if I’ll actually see or feel different over the next few months of experimentation.

Watch this space ^_^
Until next time. TTFN

Any healthy living or body confidence tips, quotes or motivation? What diets have worked for you? What advice would you give as a way to live healthy but happy? Let me know in the comments.


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