About me

A bit about me.

For those of you who don’t know me, the main things about me are that my name is Rachel and I am 29 years old (turning 30 in May 2021).

I currently live in Abertillery in a flatshare with my lovely housemate Sophie and her two cats Molly and Jasper.

I have been dating my boyfriend for just over a year now. We have been going through the highs and lows of long distance (with the added pressures of doing so during a global pandemic). It’s been an interesting and challenging start to a relationship but I am so lucky to have him as part of my life.

A bit about my background.

All of my schooling was done in South Wales. Sadly I didn’t pick up the language but I ‘m now learning Welsh through Duolingo (currently on a 100+ day streak now).

I completed an English Literature and Drama and Theatre Studies degree at Aberystwyth University. Then went on to do a Theatre course in London with Fourth Monkey.

My hobbies

The first thing most of my friends and family would mention about me is my nerdy side. My love of the Harry Potter book and film series and Disney. However, I also love nerding out on Lord of the Ring, Dr Who, Marvel and MANY others.

Film nights and binge watching a TV show are regular things. During our various lockdowns I have done far too much of this this year.

Something else about me is that I love music; listening to it, singing, dancing, performing. Going to the theatre, the cinema and other places to absorb art and escape is another passion of mine. When things reopen I will be booking so many tickets!

Musical theatre is such an amazing craft and have been involved in several amateur dramatic shows over the years. I loved every second!

A night out is great, but I also love a good night in. Love a good pamper day, brunch date, baking session, takeaway, visiting friends and family (and their pets) and basically anything I can do to relax and unwind from things as I take in a lot of stress each day.

Travelling is another passion of mine, though I have not been able to explore as many places as I thought I would have by now as things kept getting in the way but I hope to make a change there, once travel bans let up again.

My aims for the blog

From day one of this blog I have known I would want to write about an array of topics as I am so indecisive and could not pick a single topic or niche to discuss without going into an overthinking spiral (hence the name of this blog).

Although my topics might seem varied all will have the over arching theme of mental health, something I am very passionate about raising awareness of and that I have struggled with for years.

While getting back into my writing stride after several months off I will only be posting twice a month. However, I aim to go back to my weekly posts by the end of this year.

I hope you enjoy reading through this blog and that it helps or interests you in some way. I have lots of plans for what I want this blog to become but I am taking baby steps.

Please feel free to message me if you would like to create a guest post for the blog or if you have any tips, advice or constructive criticism that could help me along my way. However, I am still relatively new to the blogging world so please take it easy on me.

Many thanks, wishing you a fantastic 2021.

Until next time, TTFN.

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(updated January 2021)