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If you do not like feet I am warning you now you will not enjoy this post. It is all about feet so I would recommend you read one of my other posts instead.

For those of you not phased by feet then welcome to my review of the “LiRainhan Lavender soft touch foot peel mask exfoliating callus remover”. I had bought these last year to review when the baby feet was all the rage but just never got around to it – a bonus of the quarantine is that I’m rediscovering lots of things that had been stored away in boxes and I’m getting through a lot more of my lotions and potions.

This particular product is a foot peel mask, you cut into and put on a pair of lotion filled booties, tape them closed to make sure they are secure and leave them to work their magic over 60-90 mins, this box came with two pairs and I think the next ones I’m going to get snacks and drinks set down next to me, pick a film or several episodes of a series to watch, put on the socks and put my feet up for the allotted time.

My first attempt I was actually walking around a lot as I put them on and then realised how much of that days to do list I had not yet done, Not sure if walking around with the socks on helps or hinders but an excuse to put my feet up for 90 mins will always be relished ^_^

If you have a lot of hard skin on your feet or just fancy a pamper session these were quite nice to use. I took the one set from the box, cut along the middle to separate them but then had to cut again so there was actually a gap in the top of each so I could get my feet in.

There are two layers to get your feet between, the outer plastic sock but also an inner meshy looking material, the lavender gel (or whatever it is I’m actually not sure what the magic lotion is or how it removes the hard skin…) is very cold so be prepared for that shock, it will feel weird when it squidges between your toes, but your feet will love you for it 🙂

Once you have put both of your feet in their booties/socks, use the tape to secure them onto your feet, especially if like I did you plan to be walking around with them.

Next step- relax.

Wait for them the work their magic, wait 60-90 mins, I waited the full 90 in the hopes it would remove more of the hard skin.

Once the 90 mins had passed I did what the instructions told me and I removed the foot peel masks, washed my feet off in the shower and dried them. The packet said the skin would start peeling in the next couple of days but I could see a little bit of peeling that day.

When I showered the next day I couldn’t see any change. I then forgot I’d used the masks and when I treated myself to a bath instead of my usual shower 2/3 days later I was initially alarmed when I could see weird things floating in the water until I realised it was clumps of the skin from my feet (that kind of put me off the bath so got out pretty sharpish after that… ruined it for myself a bit there but oh well) but at least we know it works!

I did however forget to take any photos after the peel :/ but there was a definite difference for me. It had removed pretty much all of the excess skin that had built up on my heels and on the edges of my big toes, I felt very refreshed and have found it has made maintaining my soft skin using my foot file in the shower each time a lot easier as there is less to look after -apologies if this is TMI I seem to do that a lot…

This was a pack that I have found for a few pounds as I didn’t fancy splurging quite so much money as the baby feet pages were charging, found this bargain version on Amazon and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Saving the next one for when we are given a date of lockdown release, going to be having a major pampering on the run up to that day using all sorts of different products to beautify myself to the max; nails done (fingers and toes), shave/wax, foot peel masks, face masks, under eye patches, body lotions, foot creams, hand creams, exfoliating scrubs, pore remover patches, and on release full face make up – getting excited for it already!

I can’t seem to find this exact brand on Amazon any more but there are lots of other versions online for less than £5 so if you fancy giving this kind of thing a go, I would recommend it, during quarantine especially as we all need to take some time out to relax (if we can) and as we are spending more time at home, now is the perfect time.

Let me know in the comments if you have used any of the foot peel masks, what you thought, what you liked/didn’t like etc. I’d love to know 🙂

Until next time, TTFN.

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