American National Cat Day 2018

American National Cat Day 2018

Another celebration I was unaware of but have discovered since starting my blogging venture is National Cat Day, I sadly missed the UK date which was August 8th, but the American National Cat Day falls on 29th Oct which I think is pretty cool- especially if you have a black cat- because it falls so close to Halloween.

I looked into the dates of National Dog Day and other animal days too as I assumed they would also exist, plus it would give me further excuses to take photos of other adorable pets. The other dates I found so far:

-National Bird Day 5th January

-National Pet day 11th April

-National Dog Day 26th August

-International Rabbit Day (held 4th weekend of September) 2018 = 22nd Sept

-National Reptile Day 21st October

So lots to write into my diary, to celebrate and use on my Instagram in the coming year 🙂


But this post is going to be about appreciating our beloved felines; their cuddles, loves, hates, grace (or lack of it), successes, failures and lots of photos of our furry friends ^_^


If I fits I sits

Being Weirdos

Sleepy kitty

Photos with the hoomans

Time with siblings


Cats being cats

Sadly I have no cats of my own so these awesome photos have come courtesy of my friends and family, many thanks for sharing them! To see more, a few of them have social media you can keep in the loop with:

Georgia: Anya and Bella

Ellie: Riddler

Kat: Ollie and Charlie

Annie: Dolly and Elsa

Pauline: Tyrion, Podrick, Jackal

Harri: Merlin, Zephyr, Salem and Steg


Until next time, TTFN.


What pets do you have/want? What gorgeous or derpy photos do you have of your pets? Feel free to share them with me.

Which cat pic from this post as your fave? Let me know in the comments.


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