My plans for Christmas 2018

My plans for Christmas 2018

Is it too early to talk about Christmas?…

I know it’s still a while away (51 days in fact) but I have done my Halloween celebrations in Thorpe Park and taken my not-so-little brother to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio tour Dark Arts event now so for me it’s Christmas count down time. There have been Christmas things up in the shops for WEEKS, I’ve bought and wrapped all of my gifts for my friends and family and written out all my cards, so it’s just a waiting game for when it is acceptable for me to put up my tree and decorations now.

I’m planning to go to the Cardiff Christmas market again as went there last year and it was so festive- it’s also a great excuse to go and meet up with one of my uni friends who now lives in Cardiff, drink mulled wine, have ridiculously rich hot chocs, look at the Christmassy stands, buy last min gifts if need be (or gifts for birthdays/next xmas), have free tasters of sweets and alcohol, then go for a meal and have a proper catch up with a few cocktail thrown into the mix as well. I think it might end up becoming a tradition, Cardiff also has a big Primark for me to wander round in until Jenn comes to steal me away so BONUS! This year it opens November 15th and goes until December 23rd so there is plenty of time to find a day that suits us both 🙂 Would highly recommend it for you as well, especially if you’re after handmade/one off gifts, locally made produce or just love getting Christmassy.

I haven’t made any official plans of what I’m doing over Christmas yet but I have managed to get a few days off work (yaaay) so may venture to London to see people and raid the Oxford street Primark as they’ve usually got SO much Harry Potter and Disney stock that I can drool over (not literally though, don’t worry). I have friends in Aberystwyth who I haven’t seen for over a year and sisters down in Devon I haven’t seen for even longer, there are lots of places to go, people to see and cards/ presents to give out so I’m just hoping I have the time and money to be able to fit it all in… fingers crossed, as always it’s going to be a very busy couple of months.

If it’s anything like last year there will be quizzes and fun festive things going on at work from the beginning of December and we will be decorating our desks so will be feeling very festive. I have a list of films I have to get through over the festive season (which I will be listing in a later post), hoping we get a bit of snow too as I love a white Christmas especially as I actually have time off work to enjoy it this year as long as it’s not so bad that it ruins plans for people.

I hope I have started you feeling a bit more festive and that you can get excited along with me. Be prepared for lots of xmassy posts coming your way over the next few weeks. For those Scrooges who have subscribed to my blog apologies (sorry, not sorry) but maybe it will get you excited about the season too ^_^

Do you have any Christmas traditions? I’d love to hear about them.


Until next time, TTFN.


When do you feel it is acceptable to start getting festive? Are you the type of person that does the mad rush around the shops a few days before or do you have plans in place earlier on in the year? Let me know in the comments.


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