Lockdown Birthday celebrations Part 2

Lockdown Birthday celebrations Part 2

Welcome back to the tale of my birthday celebrations during the 2020 Corona virus/Covid 19 lockdown. We left part 1 nearing the end of the work day (for part 1 of this blog click this link), so from there we continue…

6pm came around meaning the work days for the guys I live with had come to an end. I opened my gift from Jez, he knows me so well already, he got me the Elder Wand! I now own my first official wand!!!!! He’s a good egg 😉

6.30pm it was time for the prearranged family video chat. My parents, brother, granny, 2 of my cousins and their children (two 1 year olds and a 3 year old, they are all such amazing little characters already! Love them, and missing them all lots). They all sang me happy birthday which was highly entertaining when no one was on the same timing due to lagging- 9 people on 4 different screens, including a very loud, sassy 3 year old was great! I blew out my little candle and cut into my Harry Potter birthday cake which I had been waiting all day to taste. I happily ate a slice of with a cup of tea while we had a little family catch up before making home made cheese burgers and chips for dinner- delicious.

8pm was time for a video call with two of my besties (Antony and Abbie) to open the gifts and cards they had sent over. Abbie had bought me a lovely gift box including a necklace, sachet of hot chocolate, sweets and a cute note. Antony had bought me bath salts, lindor chocolates, a heart with the Christopher Robin quote on it (always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know) and a gorgeous scarf. I have used/eaten all of these gifts over the last month and love them all!

9.30pm was time for another family video call, this time including more of my uk relatives plus my family out in New Zealand too. One of my cousins out there has her bday the day after mine, so if we time the call correctly we can be birthday twins ^_^ For this video call it was me, my parents, my brother, our granny, my adult cousins and their kids, my auntie and her kids as well as my uncle and my 3 cousins over in New Zealand. It was lovely having a catch up and finding out how the lockdown has been so different there and what they had planned as birthday celebrations, they were able to go out for a meal as a family – it has been handled so much better there…

Friday was another day of doing very little where I mostly caught up on a few Netflix things and reading more of my next book, one of the twisted Disney tales, I’m on the Sleeping Beauty alternative at the moment. In the evening though it was time for my first ever Eurovision which some of Jez’s friends had set up for a massive group of us. They had sorted out a voting system, had done a previous semi final to whittle it down to 24 songs -if I remember correctly- had intros for each, ad breaks and everything. It was really good, plus we had papa johns, wine and a doggo to cuddle at our flat – woohoo! It was such a fun evening, lots of giggles and a fab excuse for me to get some make up on an wear my new gorgeous scarf ^_^

Saturday was a busy one! Initially it was going to be even more jam packed too so I’m glad that some of the plans fell through, don’t think I could have coped with too many more plans even thought it was me who was trying to initially schedule it all in.

Anyway, Saturday I had a lie in and then a late breakfast. Chilled out reading and watched a bit more of Netflix. Then at 2pm I had a video call catch up with Beth, a friend from uni and then Antony joined us on the call, we had a mini catch up then all watched Big Hero 6 together, with Jez and Joseph plus Woody the doggo watching at this flat as well. I forgot how much the film makes me cry but I still think it is such an awesome and underrated film, sadly overshadowed by Frozen.

After a bit more Netflix and then dinner I had a video call with my friend Shannen who I used to work with and had several wine nights with when I lived in Gloucester, we are continuing this tradition now she is a homeowner and I managed to go and see her just before lockdown started which I am very grateful for. Later on Lizzie and Gareth, two of my theatre friends, joined in as well. There was lots of wine being drank by me and the lovely ladies, some gin and lemonades too, I also ate several of the chocolate bars out of the box my parents had bought me for my birthday. Was lovely to catch up, have a giggle and distract ourselves from what was going on in the world, especially when it has been so long since we had seen each other in person.

Sunday was uneventful, actually didn’t get a hangover from Saturday nights drinking which is always nice. It was nice to have a day where Jez and I could relax together.

Jez and I decided to go for a walk in the afternoon and then when we got back I set up a little display of my Partylite things and did a virtual Partylite fundraiser in the evening, played games, talked about our amazing products and saw some lovely friendly faces on my screen. It was a lovely way to wrap up my bday weekend, even if it was technically working.

All in all I had 4 days of celebrations, opening gifts, eating, drinking, catch ups, relaxing and feeling very loved.

Considering how dubious I was about being able to enjoy a birthday in lockdown I actually had a really nice time.

Thank you for everyone who made it so lovely ^_^

Until next time, stay safe, stay home, stay connected (virtually for now) and TTFN.

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