Product Review ~ Hair Wax

Product Review ~ Hair Wax

I have never been the most conventional person, no matter how many of the stereotypes I may fit there is always a little rebel there too. I’m not always brave enough to make the drastic changes I imagine in my head but the ideas are there- that’s what counts right? ūüėČ

One thing I like to experiment with is hair colour, I have been a red head since Jan 2018 and I love it, but I have been many shades of varying blondes, purples, blacks and browns in the past. Although I love my red hair I do like to mix it up a bit so before Christmas when I was looking at products to buy to review this year I found some coloured hair wax, bought it and thought I would give you a little review ^_^

Brand: Fashion Pretty Cowry*

Item: Hair wax

Colour: Violet

Models: my mum (dyed blonde), my brother (mousy brown) and me (dyed red)

Looking online there have been quite a few YouTube reviews but I haven’t had a look at those yet, here are my thoughts on it:


~ Great colour, comes out as I expected

~ Showed up on both light and dark hair colours

~ Really easy to brush through the colour

~ Easy to apply

~ Easy to wash out

Got into a mess


~ Comes off onto clothes and bedding, brushes and combs

~ Because it comes off onto things¬†including hair so easily it wasn’t the easiest process to get a straight line of tips on my mums hair (as you can clearly see in my photos) and as she has blonde hair it did get quite frustrating as it shows up so well

~ Kept re-matting hair

~ Messy process (got it all over my hands, arms and brushes)

All in all this is a fun product to have a mess around with, I would put it more in to a fancy dress make up type category rather than something for me to colour my hair with on a regular basis just due to the fact it’s so messy, comes off on pretty much anything it touches and due to how easily it washes out. But I couldn’t fault the colour itself.

Until next time, TTFN.

Have you tried any similar products? What did you think? Did you have the same kinds of issues or was yours more of a permanent colouring? Let me know in the comments.

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*this is not an advert, I have received no payment or gift for this review, I purchased the item myself and wanted to write a post about it.

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