First of all an apology, I usually post my blogs on Sundays but was unable to do so this week so apologies for the delay to anyone who subscribes to my blog. This will only be a short article so let’s get started…

We are now 9 months into 2019- when did that happen!?! It really is true what they say, the older you get the faster the time flies by.

Sunset above the trees in Monmouth

September means a new academic year, people going back to or starting school, college or university. For those like me who have finished their educational journey (for now at least) we don’t have such a big leap to take. However, we are into a new season which I always find exciting especially with Autumn and Winter. New seasons bring new opportunities, new possibilities and new determination. Let’s do this!

PIxabay Autumnal Woodland photo

Autumn is a season I associate with cosy nights in drinking hot chocolates, watching Netflix (well, binging) and my seasonal films (not all of them are actually seasonal films but I watch them this time every year so…), the beautiful colours in nature, cwtching up under blankets reading books, days out the local parks surrounded by the trees in their full autumn beauty, wrapping up in coats, hats, gloves, scarves and getting the big knit jumpers out again. If you can’t tell I LOVE Autumn ^_^

As soon as September comes around I get excited for earlier sunsets, autumn leaves on trees, bonfires, toasting marshmallows, Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas. I do also have to confess that by this time each year I have usually bought around half my gifts, my cards and my decorations for xmas… Sorry not sorry.

Do you have any traditions you have or things you do each year that is special to this season for you or your family? I’d love to know about all your non-traditional traditions ^_^

Until next time, TTFN

What are your favourite things about Autumn? What is your favourite season? What will you be getting up to this Autumn? Let me know in the comments.

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*Disclaimer: 50% of the images in the post are from Pixabay as I couldn’t find all the shots I wanted from my own photo reel 🙁 I definitely need to take more autumn photos this year!

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