My goals for 2018

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Goodbye 2017, Hello fabulous

I hope you all had a positive start to the newest 365 day stint. I brought in the new year with my boyfriend and a small group of friends, food, drinks, fireworks, a Christmas quiz, cards against humanity, and stayed up until around 5am, it was great!

As it is a new year though, it seems everyone is attempting the “new year, new me” slogan, I’ve not quite taken that on board, I’m actually pretty happy with where I am at the moment, it’s taken a long time to get to this stage and it’s still not all plain sailing but I’m getting there -with the help of my friends and family. We all have our flaws as well as our blessings but I’m choosing to see the positive in as much as I can again.

So much as happened over the last twelve months for me, my friends and family; weddings, engagements, babies, graduations, promotions, buying houses, holidays, new jobs, new boyfriends/girlfriends, travelling the world, making memories. In the last few months I have settled into my flat and made it into my home, I have gotten used to my work commute and the new job it takes me to, I see my family and friends more often (although there’s still a large number of people to catch up with and pass on xmas presents to), I feel more confident in myself, how I look and how I see myself as a person but I still have work to do in various aspects of my life.

So with that in mind I thought I would set a few goals for 2018, not too extensive a list but a bucket list none the less.

  • Monetize my blog

I’ll start with the most relevant point first. I am still getting the hang of these blogs and how much time they all take, but hopefully now my internet is working again (fingers crossed it stays that way this time) I can get into a routine and post regular blogs, which will in turn improve my DA-domain authority. At that point I plan to collaborate more, do more reviews, connect with brands and other bloggers. I have already started connecting with others via facebook groups, websites and help from friends. If you’re new to blogging or have been doing it a while but want to make it more than just a hobby my amazing friend Natalie has written a few helpful articles about making money from home amongst MANY other topics.

  • Get organised

I used to be so organised, I’d be the one packed for a holiday or even just a weekend away about a month in advance, I’d start buying birthday and Christmas presents as soon as the new year had started, I had files for everything, all kinds of stationery, everything had its place, I had a routine most things and then something changed, I got thrown out of whack and I’ve seemed so much more unorganised ever since so I want to get back into my routines again. Organise my desk at work, have all my resources together which will also help my colleagues. Get back into an exercise, healthier eating and skin care regime not for weight loss specifically but so I can improve my moods, stop feeling so lethargic, be more active and get my clear skin back.

  • Get back into reading

I miss it but don’t seem to find the time very often any more. I love reading, I used to have several books on the go at any given time, now it takes me months to read the one. I don’t even read that many blogs or online articles. I’m going to change that. I will read every day before bed, I will read books, blogs, articles, fan fiction, anything I can get my hands on. I want to rediscover my love of reading, getting transported into another world with just the power of my mind and the pages in front of me. Don’t get me wrong I love films, but it’s just not the same as letting your mind put all the pieces together. I had thought about trying out the blind date with a book, you can buy one offs or you can join their book club and get a book a month for six months. If you’ve tried it, let me know what you thought in the comments below.

  • More reunions

There are so many people (some of whom I haven’t seen for years) that I miss having around. I have lived in various places in England and Wales in the last decade and in each place I have left people behind. Luckily for me a lot of them stay in contact and I do still see them, it’s just not as often as I would like. I have friends and family dotted all over the world and I hurts that I can’t visit them all. But, I plan to make more of an effort this year, I have a better paid job now so hopefully money won’t be as difficult to come by in the coming months and now I have a flat to myself (with a sofa bed) guests can stay over so those further away won’t have to travel so far in one day so hopefully I will be able to go to see more people as well as having more people coming to see me.

  • Learn new skills

I have many skills that I have wanted to learn for a while, and skills that I started learning and want to improve but my main one for this year if I can afford it -and also if I can find the time with all the other things I’m promising to do this year-is learn to drive. I am 26 and my provisional licence runs out this year so I figure it’s time to get my butt into gear (pun not intended). So if any of you have recommendations for a driving instructor in the Cheltenham area who isn’t too costly let me know, I would greatly appreciate it.

I think five is enough to be getting on with for now, knowing me and my love for lists that will inevitably grow but it’s a good point to start from.


Until next time, TTFN.


What were your 2018 resolutions? Did you make any? Let me know in the comments.


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