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One of the products I have been curious to try out for months has been a charcoal facemask. There were so many vlogs about the various versions of it so when I found this one by SHILLS Natural Science I thought I’d buy it, see how painful it is and see if it actually helped my skin.

My first attempt with it I roped my friend in to try it with me as well, we didn’t cover too much of our faces as we’d seen people’s reactions to doing that online, however I think this is a different brand so we weren’t sure what to expect, we also didn’t prep our faces as recommended as we didn’t have any cleaners while we were away so for a first attempt it was almost a guide of what not to do for next time.

I put some across my nose and cheeks and some on my chin, my friend did their full T zone. We waited until it started the go tight and had fully dried then started peeling it off. The section on my chin came off with no issues, the nose was fine too but the cheeks sections were a little sensitive, it made my eyes water. My friend managed to remove all of theirs too but with a little more pain than me.

Our skin felt so smooth but didn’t seem to have actually pulled anything out of our skin, whereas when I’ve seen other reviews they zoom into the removed mask and you can see all sorts attached so although we felt smooth I don’t think it’s as good a mask as the ‘real’ ones. Skin remained smooth for the rest of the weekend though so it worked well on that count.

I did give it another go a week or so later and did almost my full face, washed my face and then prepped my skin with cleanser and timed the 30 mins before removing the mask rather than just taking it off when it felt tight while watching Netflix, I actually ended up waiting a little longer to make sure it really did the trick.

This second attempt was so much better, it did hurt a little more peeling it off but that to me meant it was working better, when I looked at the section I had removed from my nose it had definitely removed dead skin, some black heads and a fair few hairs.

Although the one that I used may not be the one that was going around social media on a constant loop last year and the beginning of this year it had the same principles and although I still have a lot of acne issues, I did feel better and I will be using it as part of my routine, maybe once a month or every couple of months when I do my deep facial cleansing.

All in all I would recommend charcoal peel off face masks, just maybe do some tester areas first rather than slathering it all over your face the first time around as that could cause you quite a bit of unnecessary pain. I would also follow the instructions carefully as it made such a difference when I prepped my skin as instructed and waited the allotted time.

Until next time, TTFN

What skin care products to do swear by? Have you found the perfect acne-decreasing routine? Do you know the secret to healthy, flawless skin or do you suffer with constant break outs like me? Let me know in the comments.

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