Product review ~ BOMIEN reusable straw

Product review ~ BOMIEN reusable straw

BOMIEN Collapsible Straw Reusable Stainless Steel, Food Grade Silicone Drinking Straw Keychain Foldable Portable Set with ABS Case Cleaning Brush for Travel Camping Outdoor Household(Grey)* – Amazon

With the relatively new movement to use less plastic within our day to day lives various new products have become very desirable. Having worked in various hospitality roles it is crazy how much waste is generated, how much plastic is sent to landfill and how many plastic straws are thrown away. Obviously there are a lot of other things that make up the enormous piles of plastic waste we have but this is a small and simple change to make- refuse the straws.

For those of us who like drinking from straws this can be a tricky one to get around but with a handy foldaway metal straw that has it’s own carrycase (which can fit in your handbag or you can put onto your keys) you can refuse to use the plastic straws and use your own straw- winner!

When you order a drink ask for there not to be a straw, many places have stopped using straws or started using paper straws but you can help them along by not accepting them if they are on offer, also although they are better for the environment the paper straws are pretty bad at being straws so having your own metal straw in your bad will mean that no matter how long it takes to finish your drink your straw wont have disintegrated.

There are (as always) many different companies who are producing these or something very similar so there are multiple options for you. Different materials, colours, cases, etc are available if you want to spruce up your environmental friendliness.

To be brutally honest I only went for this one from Amazon because it was the cheapest foldaway one with its own cleaner and holder, there are other that are extremely similar but I chose this one. It arrived a few days ago and I’ve taken every excuse to use it, I love it. I decided I would get one months ago when my friend Beth came to visit me the last few times she had hers with her to drink her beverages from and I wanted one but kept forgetting until I saw her again, so when I remembered to look I got one 🙂


~ Price

~ Travel size- compact, fits in your handbag

~ Easily cleaned- comes with it on cleaning pipe

~ Several colours to choose from


~I regret my colour choice but that’s down to me

~It’s quite a narrow straw so it takes a while for each drinks, but maybe that’s a good thing rather than rushing them…


Basically, it’s a functional straw that you can buy without the guilt of hurting an aquatic animal, it fits into your bag easily, its easy to clean, you’re doing a little bit for the environment and reduction of plastic use and not having to pay much for it.


Until next time, TTFN


Do you plan to make any environmentally friendly changes this year? If so which one/s? Do you have a reusable straw yourself? What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments.


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*this is not an advert, I have received no payment or gift for this review, I purchased the item myself and wanted to write a post about it.

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