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When winter comes around and the days get shorter I always want to read more books and play more board games, I always love the idea of Monopoly- although the resulting game usually causes drama so is not always the idyllic gathering imagined. I also love a trivia game, I have multiple options many of which TV/film editions and after reading my friend Luke’s blog posts about all the games he plays it makes me want to play and buy so many more games!

Winter is the perfect excuse for me to snuggle up on the sofa, in pjs/a onesie, fluffy slippers and a dressing gown which is several sizes too big, with a large mug of hot chocolate (mine will always have cream and marshmallows too), reading a book or watching films/TV. It’s cold and dark outside so staying in is always acceptable during winter. It’s great ^_^

Every year October-December I have to watch the same list of DVD’s, which keeps increasing, but so far consists of:

Hocus Pocus

Practical Magic

Nightmare before Christmas

Harry Potter- all 8 films

Lord of the Rings- all 3 extended films

The Holiday


Love Actually

Home Alone 1 & 2

It’s a wonderful life

Die Hard

Some years I also watch Nativity, Arthur Christmas and multiple other kids Christmas films as well… I love films and I LOVE these seasons!!!

But this weeks post is going to hopefully give you some ideas on what to do over this festive season, how to entertain yourself or guests if you’re hosting any xmas get togethers and what events are always a hit here in the UK and for us brits. If you want to venture out why not give some of these ideas a go:

Hogwarts in the Snow. I went last year and it was amazing, it probably helps having an obsession with the books and films but having the extra touches of seeing it in all its Christmas glory made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I did write a post about it but as this was last year it has had some alterations. Either way if you love the Harry Potter universe you should go, I’ve been three times now and I love it, there’s so much to see and so many behind the scenes information, I recommend getting the souvenir guide and digital guide for the extra information and if you want extra souvenirs get the ‘passport’ so you an do the stamps as you go around the tour.

As it is in London, why not make a weekend of it and spend some time wandering around, doing touristy things and taking in the sights. There is so much to do in London, a lot of it free too, so why not make the most of it?

Why not try removing the tech side of life for a bit; play some board games, bake something, make cards/gifts, put up your decorations, make some decorations, make a ginger bread house and decorate it, anything that gets you feeling creative and gets you away from the tv or phone screens.

Canadian Monopoly

Go on local walks. I know it’s cold outside and I relish the opportunity to stay curdled up indoors but when you’re wrapped up in various scarves, hats, gloves, coats, winter boots and maybe even your thermals, a walk around in the beautiful crisp weather can be so soothing to the soul, especially if you live in/near the countryside. The crunch of the leaves under foot, the freshness of the cold air, the tranquillity of the fact not many other people braved the weather- I love it, but only if I am suitably wrapped up and can then get warm and cosy under a blanket when back indoors.

Winter Wonderlands seem to pop up at more and more locations each year, and these kinds of places are such a good idea, there’s usually eateries and ice skating rinks. Go to your local (or not so local) Christmas markets, for example: Cheltenham, Cardiff, Berlin, London

Take a look in your local paper (or Google) to search for what is going on in your area, most places have something on to celebrate, maybe they have a Father Christmas coming around in his sleigh, a Santa’s Grotto set up, special offers in restaurants, have a look in the independent shops near you and support them, they usually have such a different feel in them to the big high street shops and when you buy from them they will be so much more grateful than a big high street chain.

Get together with friends and have a games or movie night, go out in your glad rags or stay in for a onesie/pjs day. Get involved with the Xmas plans at work or within your various social groups.

Go on a trip to visit friends/family or just to get away, take time to recharge your batteries if you’re lucky enough to have time off work over this season.

Take time for yourself, do what makes you happy. Go to a museum, visit a castle, see a show, go and see a pantomime, watch a film (or several), do some retail therapy, there are so many options and most places will have decorated trees up and pretty lights lining your way so enjoy it.

Whatever you do I hope you have fun, it is trying to snow here in the UK again so just be careful, try to wear shoes with grip to lessen the amount of times you slip/fall over and make sure you stay warm.

Until next time, TTFN.

What will you be getting up to this year? Are you going away anywhere? Any tips for the best Christmas ever? Let me know in the comments.

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