Christmas Decorations

Have you decorated your home for the season yet? It’s officially December now so it’s definitely allowed now! I must admit I got excited and wanted to take lots of photos for this blog so I did decorate a week earlier than I usually do- the things I do for you guys 😉


If you still haven’t decorated and you wanted so inspiration I have a few ideas for you, have you spotted the decorations available in Primark?

How cute are these Harry Potter and Disney decorations?

Or this Hedwig snow globe?

I found these awesome Nightmare before Christmas baubles in the Disney store in Liverpool

I have also found so many choices of wrapping paper and wrapping ideas, this is my collection so far…

(my Hogwarts stamp set was from Amazon, link here if you want to buy one too)

Obviously there are a LOT of other places that sell various decorations it’s just Primark is so close to my house, usually has lots of Harry Potter and Disney things for me and is within my price range. I also keep the decs I’ve used in previous years so I now have quite a few bits, I actually have a suitcase of various seasonal bits and bobs… (photo at the end if you want to see how full the suitcase is)

So far I seem to have focused just on presents and a couple of baubles/ornaments but there are so many other things to consider when decorating, depending on how far you want to go you can pick a few or cover them all ^_^ I was so excited to get my tree up and start decorating my flat, I might end up going for an entire grotto look this year at this rate…


Ornaments and Candles– I have a lot of candles out in my flat all year round anyway because I LOOOOOVE Partylite, but I do have a few extra ones that come out for Christmas every year (that becomes even more as each year comes along), candles always make me feel so much cosier especially when it’s so cold, damp and dark outside. A lot of people also put out nativity sets at Christmas, my mum has a Christmas set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, I have my candles and stockings, I decorate my dolls house and put up the tree and put gifts out in it, there are many different things people put out, so  many different traditions, just make it your own 🙂

Tables and chairs– get your festive table clothes out, I have Santa hat chair covers too, get your festive coasters, dinner plates, bowls, mugs, cups, EVERYTHING

Ceilings, Walls and Windows– there are either things that hang down from the ceiling or the long streams of things that get draped around the ceiling, fake snow, door hangings, you could change your photos to more festive images, put up signs on your doors/walls and/or get some decals of festive characters, you can get window stickers, gels or fake snow to decorate the window sills- the decoration possibilities are endless ^_^

and lastly, my favourite part… the TREE– baubles, tinsel, beading, lights, handmade decs, special occasion decs, robins, gingerbread men, snowmen, maybe an angel or star on the top. You can keep to one theme or mix it all up together. This year I started with a silver and blue theme and then put my other baubles on so it’s a bit of a mish-mash now.

You could do what I do and swap your various tea towels, towels, soaps, wash sets etc for more Christmassy alternatives for the month as well. I also have clothes I specifically wear over Dec; lounge pants, tops, jumpers, hats, scarves, pyjamas, dresses, costumes. Can you tell I love this season?… There has been a Christmas drinking idea going around for a few years now too so why not put a santa hat on the corner of your tv set and when anyone ends up ‘wearing’ it on tv you drink- tis the season to be merry after all 😉


Happy decorating ^_^


Until next time, TTFN


Have you decorated your home yet? How many decorations do you have lined up? Or are you a ‘bah humbug’ Scrooge type? Let me know in the comments.


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