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It’s that time of year again, everyone is planning their summer activities; BBQ’s, parties, festivals, holidays etc. The summer months is when most people feel happiest, we have better weather (although I’m writing for the UK so not guaranteed really…), longer days, more time for socialising and sunsets late at night. The clothes get more colourful, people want to be out and about, we arrange more social gatherings, the music gets louder and there are SO MANY options for festivals!!!

This summer I have decided to brave my first ever festival, I’ve been to various gigs and one day music festivals but have decided to go all out and get the 5 day camping and weekend pass to Download 2019 :/ I realise I have put myself right into the deep end and I may not survive all of the moshpits, walls of death and the sheer volume coming from the speakers but I am so excited!!! I’m going to see one of my new favourite bands Jinjer (Friday, Dogtooth stage), Tatiana Shmailyuk is an incredible vocalist and my vocal aim is to be able to sing and scream like her with as seamless a transition- massive goals because she is that epic but with my goals I’ve started to realise I should go big or go home- I am going to be totally in awe of the entire group as they are very talented musicians and I imagine I’ll be star struck by Tatiana.

I am going with my boyfriend Rob who has been to a previous download festival and has been in the bubble of this heavier genre of music for a lot longer than I have – he’s the reason I even discovered I liked metal as I had always previously chosen musical theatre or Disney soundtracks or upbeat pop songs but I have had my eyes widened to so many different bands now and I’m loving it! There are lots of bands/performances we both want to see but I think Rob is mostly looking forward to seeing Slipknot live (again).

As this is my first festival I have been researching various posts from a few previous festivals attendants and looking for as many tips as I can with regards to what to take and what to avoid. Rob and I have treated ourselves a little and bought (as well as the 5 day camping and car park pass) a locker which includes charging facilities and I bought myself a lanyard and event programme too as I love a good souvenir, I could have also gone for things like toilet and/or shower packages but it all soon adds up and I’m not the richest of people to say the least so even that was kind of pushing it but wanted to make sure we had an awesome few days, want to make te most of my first ever full on festival.

So far this is the list I intend to pack:



small bag/bum bag-can’t take big bags into fest


sunglases and case

Fully charged portable phone chargers (fully charge mobiles too)

phone cables

hand sanitiser

Tent- or go for an eco alternative like Kartent

sleeping bags

pillows/pillow cases and fill with clothes to save space


eye mask

ear plugs

wet wipes-lots

toothbrush and toothpaste

dry shampoo


toilet roll

suncream & aftersun









Camping stove and gas???

Disposable BBQ???

Freezer bag for food???

food- packets/tins

(basically I have no idea what to do for food, any help would be SUPER appreciated!)

BIG water bottles

alcohol (no glass)

As I’ve been making this list since I booked our tickets back in March I have chopped and changed it a few times but as long as we’ve got everything covered by the time we go next week that’s fine.

Hopefully all of your summer adventures are getting you as excited as mine are exciting me ^_^

Until next time, TTFN.

Do I need to pack anything else? Are you going to any festivals this year? Have you been to download before? Let me know in the comments.

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