My 2019 goals

Another new year has begun, everyone is making resolutions, setting goals and making changes- #newyearnewme and all that jazz.

I have tried to do resolutions in previous years and most have fallen through (including my goals that I posted on here last year) so instead of trying to make any humungous life altering changes this year I have instead made a list of things I would like to have achieved by the end of 2019 and some goals for my future in general. There are things that I need to alter to help them happen but these are mostly small changes that will then have a larger ripple effect.


My goals for 2019:


1- Spend more time on my projects

  • I haven’t uploaded anything onto my YouTube channel in several years, I plan to change this asap
  • I want to improve and eventually monetise this blog and my social media accounts
  • I need to manage my time, set aside specific evenings to focus on each project and give each the attention they need


2- Earn and save more money–> Become debt free within 5-10 years

[The more I earn and save the more debts I can pay off- I could go on holiday/s, go to gigs, move house, maybe even become a home owner in the next few years!]

  • Monetise this blog and eventually my YouTube channel too
  • Get more involved in blogging groups and endorsement prospects
  • Make more through my side projects
  • I have been looking at changing jobs to earn more as well


3- Learn new skills

  • Learn to drive (passed my test 07.01.19)
  • Improve singing and learn new vocal techniques
  • Gain more knowledge about marketing and events
  • Learn photography and photo editing
  • Experiment with various make up styles


4- Live healthier and happier

[This is a big one for me- 2018 consisted of a lot of stress, anxiety, negativity and bad habits, this year that needs to change]

  • Eating healthier and being more active = better skin, better hair, more energy and endorphins (think Legally Blonde)
  • Do more things that make me happy, set aside time every day to do something for me, increase self care- use my 365 day journal
  • Get back into Musical Theatre by joining a local group
  • Use the 5 min rule (if it takes less than 5 mins do it NOW)= feeling more productive, will be able to tick more things off my to do lists
  • Read more


5- Be kinder to the environment

  • Reduce my use of plastics: swap to bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws, take my reusable bags everywhere and use my water bottle/thermos flask more
  • Cut down on meat and dairy
  • Minimise waste of water, electricity and food
  • Recycle as much as possible (although my street doesn’t recycle much I plan to find somewhere close where I can recycle more than just glass bottles, cans and paper/card)


I don’t want to over load myself with countless goals as I will then become overwhelmed and not do any of them… 5 goals for 2019 which will have a positive impact on the grander scheme of things in the further future too, I think that’s a good start.


Until next time, TTFN.


Have you made any resolutions/goals for 2019? How many have you made? Do you manage to keep to yours? Let me know in the comments.


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