Dubai- Day 5. Moving to The Walk hotel

Dubai- Day 5. Moving to The Walk hotel

Day five came around and that meant that it was time to say goodbye to The Creek and to our freedom aka the rental car and go back to using taxis and the metro. When we had left our bed, dressed and had our usual lounge breakfast, we then packed up all our bags, drove to the Mall of Emirates, looked around for a bit before realising we couldn’t afford to even walk in to most of the stores here let alone purchase anything, so we headed to the other end of the mall with the more highstreet looking shops, went into a shop called Carrefour which was a store that Rob had remembered was in here, I’d never heard of it before but wow, so much stuff-it is a HUGE store! It’s a massive supermarket, countless aisles of foods, drinks, bakers, butchers, a LOT of alcohol and snack choices(!), other supermarket bits and bobs and a large section of all things technological at the other end. We bought a large selection of cakes, went back to the car, drove our final journey in the car to the airport to return it then got a taxi to our next hotel- The Walk.
On arrival we checked into our room, dumped our bags on the floor so we could check out our view and the room itself. From this room we overlooked the marina and when we went to the hotel lounge we looked out and could see The Palm and with such lovely views it would be rude to leave the free food and drinks to go to waste so as we only arrived there at 4-5pm ish we set up camp the for most of the evening.
We did go out for a bit of an adventure though as there is a section of beach behind the hotel reserved for the Hilton hotels situated on it and as we were staying in Hilton hotels we thought we should take full advantage of this fact.
The sea in Dubai is so surreal, it’s like walking into a hot bath, nothing like going swimming in the sea in the UK where you slowly dip yourself in inch by inch, trying to convince everyone around you that it’s not THAT cold and that ‘it’s fine once you’re in’, you can walk straight in and it’s warm…no need to psych yourself up beforehand, you can just dive in and enjoy it, the water is also very salty so you float really easily-it was lush! We swam around, messed about and splashed one another a bit and reveled in the warm sea water (me hoping nothing deadly was going to close in on us). By the time we wanted to get out I had turned into a prune, so we wrapped ourselves up in our towels, walked back to the hotel, went up to our rooms, had showers, washed the salt out of our costumes, changed into our PJ’s and chilled on the bed and started on the treats we’d bought earlier before calling it a night- yummy!

Until next time, TTFN


Have you stayed in the Walk? Have you been to this part of Dubai or to The Palm? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.


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