Letting Agents and house move review

Letting Agents and house move review

So if you read my previous post and/or follow me on Instagram you will have seen that I have recently moved house. I haven’t moved far, I have only gone from Cheltenham to Gloucester which door to door it is only 9.5 miles but the flat is so much nicer, lots more space, light and storage and although the rent itself is slightly higher it will hopefully be saving me money month to month, I will also be closer to friends and family so I have been looking forward to this since I signed the first bit of paperwork a couple of months ago.

If you have ever rented you will know how much paperwork is involved and how many charges/fees you have to pay before you can finally get hold of your new set of keys (assuming it’s similar if not worse when you buy a property but I wouldn’t know). But once the stress of paying over SOOO much money, signing all the paperwork, making sure all criteria is met, getting all your references sorted and packing up all your things is done you have the keys to your new home, full of new possibilities and you can start making it pretty, putting everything into it’s new places, buying the furniture etc you need/want, making it cosy- making it yours.

One of the biggest stresses once you’ve found a place you like, had a viewing, worked out budgets and decided you want to go ahead with it all is if the estate agent causes you unnecessary hassle. I have lived in many different rented accommodations over the years and I have had some ok estate agents and I have had some awful ones.

I have to say that this experience has been the easiest I’ve ever had (other than when I move home and have no paperwork or much of anything to sort out at all). I dealt with the lovely Sian at the Gloucester branch of CGT lettings, I messaged the company to book a viewing via the Rightmove website and got a response shortly after asking if I would like to look at two other properties in the same area within a similar price bracket which I could view in the same time slot. I know at an estate agency they are probably working on commission so the more properties I view the higher chance of me choosing one but this is the first time I have had someone offer me this- shocking really as it could have made the other agents I’ve previously used more money.

I viewed all 3 properties and decided I wanted to move into the final flat (not the place I had initially requested to view so I’m even more thankful for being offered the extra viewings). I went away to think about it, work out how it would change my monthly outgoings as well as the other logistics involved in moves, I emailed Sian and told her I would like to go ahead, she then cancelled the future viewings that the property had had in place and started the process with me. I sent over my payment for the referencing and tenancy agreement, over the following few weeks I received multiple helpful documents, sorted my references, paid my deposit and the first months rent plus the amount to cover from my move in date (20th August) to the payment date (1st of each month), signed the tenancy agreement, contracts etc

I collected my keys August 20th where I signed the final bits of paperwork, was given more info on the property and handouts about condensation, numbers I may need and the inventory which I then checked through when I got to the flat. The flat had been thoroughly cleaned (unlike a few other places I’ve moved into), the previous tenant has kindly left a few bits of cleaning equipment and a few rolls of toilet paper -something I have previously forgot to leave out until the end of packing before- but had cleared everything else so I don’t have to worry about having to try and find space for/get rid of things which is great.

Sian has been so helpful throughout this entire process, I’ve probably stressed her out with all my questions and problems (having to sign everything electronically because I don’t have a printer and couldn’t get to Gloucester after work before they closed so there was a LOT of emailing back and forth) but she has managed to put my mind at ease at every stage.

I would thoroughly recommend this agency, very professional and knowledgeable, extremely helpful and patient, and the amount of paperwork I was given with further information and guides was fantastic, Sian said a lot of it was a legal requirement but I’d never been given it by other estate agents and thought this was a really nice touch.

I do have a lot of negative feedback after the experiences I have had with my previous insurers, my most recent having many examples but I don’t want it to taint this positive post so I will put my grudges with them in the past and look forward to continuing the decorating and homey touches I have been adding to my new home ^_^

Until next time, TTFN.


What do you like least/most about moving home? What’s your experience of estate agents? Do you live in Gloucestershire? Have you used CGT lettings as well? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments.


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