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Hello again lovelies,

In my second blog I mentioned that I had just started a new job. It’s definitely a complete change, it’s so strange to be sat at a computer and talking to people via a headset within an office of dozens of brand new people rather than rushing around like a headless chicken within a limited team, burning my hands because the person I’m trying to put the hot plate down in front of evidently needs to finish their conversation before they let me do my job, getting minimum wage to get people shouting at me, acting like I am just a piece of dirt on their shoe. Now I get shouted at down the phone… but I just talk calmly until they hang up, do a silent scream then I talk to a completely different person and very rarely speak to the rude people more than once.
I’ve only been there a few months (I started at the end of July) and already I feel like I have settled in, there are so many friendly faces and people to have a chat with when it goes a bit quiet. We have a canteen that serves hot and cold food at lovely low prices, regular breaks, no shift is ever too long and the job itself is relatively simple plus it pays more money than any of my previous jobs-it’s great!
I have also started another new venture- I moved house (again). I seem to move once or twice a year lately so I’ve got the packing an unpacking all my belongings pretty much sorted now, but with the amount of stuff I have it just takes a while and requires either multiple car journeys or a van and as I don’t drive that means either hiring someone along with the van or asking for favours.
Lucky for me my boyfriend offered to help so I hired a van so we could do it all in one go, packed everything in boxes, then packed them in the van, Rob drove us from his parents house (where I was living) to my new flat via the storage room where most of my things were being kept. I was meant to move in Sept 29th but my body decided it wanted to have a meltdown so I moved in Oct 1st instead, got my keys, put the countless boxes, bags and suitcases into my new living room, dropped the van back, then it was time to return to my new home and start unpacking…
I came across a small snag in my plan as when I moved from my flat in Monmouth to live with my Granny before moving to London to go to drama school, in order to save some monies, I knew I wouldn’t have much space in the new places so I sold A LOT of my furniture and storage/shelving units etc so when it came to unpacking this end I realised I didn’t actually have many places to put things away, so after several purchases on Amazon and use of the wardrobes, cupboards and draws in the flat I have something that resembles a home three weeks later. There’s still lots I could do and I have plenty of improvement ideas but it’s a bit more presentable now, just in time for my flat warming this weekend…
Luckily because of my new job (having shorter hours and the fact I managed to book a couple of days off for the move) I have had the time to partially sort the flat out, hang out with my lovely friends for film nights and things, fit in time to see friends I’ve not seen in years and spend time with my boyfriend who comes up to see me as often as he can.

Hoping that fitting in being sociable once again becomes a regular thing. I miss so many people and there’s so much to catch up on.
It feels like it’s all fitting together nicely ^_^
Until next time, TTFN.


What new adventures have you started? How are they going? What’s the next goal? Let me know in the comments.


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