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January is a month that can be very hard on some people, more so than the rest of the year, so what better month to have national days to encourage kindness.

We should always try our best to be kind to others all year round but sometimes we need a bit of a nudge to get out of our own heads.

In 2020 National Hugging Day was Tuesday 21st January (tried to get this post out before hand but had tech issues) and National Compliment Day is Friday 24th January.

I have always been a fan of hugs, especially when I’m feeling low. I find that a hug from the right person can make your troubles melt away and take a huge weight off your shoulders. It can comfort you, help you heal, improve your mood and there is also scientific evidence for hug benefits but I just look at the emotional change and mood change to know how important they are.

Complimenting others is something else that can help people more than you may ever know. Taking time out of your day to compliment someone else can make that persons day. They may be doubting a fashion or make up choice or feel self conscious about trying something different, just one positive reinforcement can be a big enough confidence boost to get that person through the day, quieten the negative voice in their head and help them believe they made the right choice that day.

When (stereotypically) girls get drunk and meet strangers in a night club toilets they are so complimentary to each other. They compliment shoes, outfits, hair, jewellery, make up, they tell each other their life story and they briefly become the best of friends. We need to take that level of interest in each other and ability to declare the good they see into the sober world.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

If everyone took the time to point out something they like about each other each day or even just a weekly or monthly basis I think that a lot could change. With strangers it may be something about their outfit or how they look but if it is someone you know on a closer/deeper/more personal level why not compliment their intelligence or creativity, their skills as a listener and/or advice giver, their non-judgmental open minded nature, how approachable they are, how comfortable you are around them, how selfless or generous they are, their great taste in music, food, fashion, humour, how hard they work, how passionate they are about a certain topic, how good they are at being a parent/ friend/ colleague/ child/ family member to you, how far they have come, how much you admire them for their bravery and for overcoming the inner battles that are raging, their bravery, their kindness. There are so many ways to compliment someone other than about their physical appearance.

There are so many ways to show kindness and to help other people. The more we can help each other and spread the love, the kinder the world will seem.

What will you do to put more kindness into the world? What changes would you like to see in the world? What helps you through your low mood? Let me know in the comments

Until next time, TTFN.

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