Mental Health in the work place

Mental health is a more widely spoken about element of life nowadays which is AWESEOME, obviously there is still a long way to go but we are making steps in the right direction.

As mentioned in my recent posts it is mental health awareness month this month, there is also a mental health awareness week within that (13th-19th May). What I want to know is what your work place has done – if anything- to promote this.

I am quite lucky with where I work in that they are trying to help the mental health and general wellbeing of their staff. We have a mental health team made up of staff from various departments and different levels of management. If anyone needs extra support our team leaders are always able to set aside time if we need to speak to them about anything effecting us. We have the ability to book flu vaccinations within the premises where a nurse comes in for the day to administer them which is great if you can’t get an appointment at your local GP or if you don’t about getting the flu jab.

Having so many colleagues who are open about their own mental health and their mental illnesses also helps, having the ability to talk about these kinds of topic so openly makes it easier when you do need to talk or when you need to ask for help. Working with people who have various coping mechanisms and who suffer from various mental and/or physical illnesses also means that when you need help there is usually someone who spots it before you even have to ask, so if you’re not someone who is able to ask, you may not even have to pluck up the courage to get the help you need.

We also use Workplace which is basically Facebook but closed to the employees of our company. We have various groups about health care, financial advice, mental illness and other advice to help with self care and giving the opportunity to improve your situation.

For this years mental health awareness week my work organised daily themed activities, people coming in to speak about various health elements, leaflets about how to live with mental illness and how to practice self care amongst other events.

There will always be more that can be done to help but it does make me proud to know I work for company who puts even a little focus on employees mental wellbeing ^_^ onwards and upwards from here on out.

Until next time, TTFN.

What kind of things does your work place offer? Do they make an effort to help with the physical and mental health if you and your colleagues? What do you or people you know do to practice self care, self love and self acceptance? Let me know in the comments.

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