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So as I mentioned in previous blog posts I have been looking at making several changes to my blog/website, it’s layout and my social media pages/interactions. I have tried to use the same profile and cover images across all of my social media and have looked into getting an official logo but not managed to secure that yet (baby steps is better than standing still).

Mid July I set up public Facebook and Instagram pages so I could get an audience together without them having access to my private pages (there’s nothing much on them I’d just rather keep those bubbles separate). I post at least once a day, still getting used to it all so not got a routine with times I post yet but I’m hoping to be able to set regular times of posts and get daily themes going depending on what you guys and gals like to see/hear so watch this space. I would love it if my blog and other social media pages managed to create its own community so if you want to join the groups and start a chat feel free, I’d love to get to know you 🙂

If you have any feedback for me, topics you would like me to cover/things you’d like me to review or if you want to team up to do guest posts let me know, I now have multiple ways for you to get in contact and you are definitely welcome to do so! Also if you ever want to like, comment on or share my posts from any of my social media I am happy for you to do so, obviously if you want to use my content on your own site/s etc do ask permission first.

I have also given this blog a new look, I was so in love with the theme I initially picked when I started blogging July ’17 but as I’ve now been blogging for over a year I have realised that the set up of that theme isn’t as user friendly as I had first hoped so I have now become self hosted (woo hoo) meaning I have more control over the layout and styling of this blog, it gives me more options with everything  and I also changed the theme so hopefully my blog page will be easier to navigate- there are more search options so my older posts won’t get so lost within the bulk of newer weekly posts either because you’ll be able to search by category or look through the ‘archive’ and see a timeline of my posts 🙂

I was advised to use a site called Pipdig who would do all the transfer work for me at no extra charge as they get commission from WordPress themselves. You choose which of the three different WordPress packages you want to go for depending on your needs/budget through SiteGround, choose the theme you want to use and then within 3 days it is all changed over, they transfer all your posts etc so don’t loose anything and you are then officially self hosted.

As I had a WordPress domain from my initial page I was able to keep this domain and just change to a self hosted version. Pipdig and the other companies used keep you updated via email the whole time, there’s no need for you to do anything until after the change over, other than pay for the package and theme, then let them sort out the rest. It was brilliant!

Now I’m self hosted and I finally have the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts I’ve been planning for months I’m going to be focusing on increasing my DA (domain authority), there are several blog posts out there with tips on how to improve them so we’ll see what happens. I’ve already started using tags-and tagged all my older posts too- I’ve always labelled my photos and I have been trying to post my blog posts at the same time every week (Sunday mornings 10am if you want to keep up with all of them in future) so now I will be seeing how well these new approaches work.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.


Until next time, TTFN.



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Are you looking to go self hosted too? Or have you made the change already?

Did you use Pipdig, a different website or did you do it all yourself? What did you think?

How is the self hosted life treating you? Any tips or tricks to share?

Let me know in the comments.


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