‘New goals’ reflection post

‘New goals’ reflection post

In January I wrote a set of goals for 2019 and in March I wrote a post of ‘new goals’. As it is now September and therefore more than 6 months since I wrote these posts I thought it was about time I reflected on how I’ve been doing.

The main goals I had made for myself were to do with my side projects and starting up my own business.

By September 2019 I will have a rough business plan, a company name, social media accounts and be registered as self employed. Not done this officially yet, but I have been scribbling in my notebooks a lot- I’m counting that as a win…

I have made adjustments to this website and I am giving more attention to my Partylite career and have been making lots of notes/taking courses on events and business related subjects to help me on my journey with Partylite and for my own separate ventures as well. I have a schedule above my desk with what days I should take time on which project, I will be adding things onto the list as time goes on, hopefully this will help me focus and achieve my targets. Big goals require a lot more time, effort, focus and motivation.

My next target was to become debt free and start saving, I have paid off a large chunk of my credit card and I am on a payment plan for my loans. I also have further plans to increase my income to try and speed up my repayments, fingers crossed it all works out 🙂

I set myself a challenge to learn new skills before the end of 2019 too. This year so far I have passed my driving test, finished a wedding events planner course and I am currently in the midst of an events planner diploma and a business manager diploma. I plan to learn lots more but feel this is a good start.

My fourth goal was to live happier and healthier. This one is a little harder, more so recently as I have actually been going down hill :/ I have been suffering with my anxiety and panic attacks again recently, feeling overwhelmed and not being able to cope, lost my job and been dumped BUT I have been trying meditation, I have referred myself through Let’s Talk 2gether, will be starting a CBT course and have started a new eating plan/fitness routine to try to help my energy levels, clear my skin and build my self love and acceptance so I feel like I am on the right path again.

Number 5 was: Be kinder to the environment- this one I have made the most waves with. I have my reusable water bottle, bamboo toothbrushes, metal straw, I always use my canvas shopping bags, I have cut down on meat and dairy products, have been recycling more thanks to where I have moved to having a great system for recycling and takes a lot more than my old flat did, I am also making an active effort to use less and less single use plastic in all products.

Looking back to when I set these goals for myself, I did think I’d be a lot further along by now but knowing the hurdles I have had to overcome over the past 6 months and the fact I have made starts on most (if not all) of the goals I set makes me proud to have made it this far, it may not be what I was expecting but I have started to make headway which is good enough for me at the moment. Yes there is a long way to go, no I have not made massive progress but I am still happy with where I am and eagerly await what the future holds, no matter how uncertain it is at the moment…

Until next time, TTFN

What goals did you set yourself for 2019? How have you been getting on with them? What is your motivation to keep going? Let me know in the comments.

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