My 2019 so far ~ 6 month review

My 2019 so far ~ 6 month review

Hello everyone, this year is flying by (time flies when you’re having fun eh?), can’t believe I’m writing my review for the first half of the year already. But what a 6 months it has been… a rollercoaster of highs and lows and me wanting to get off the ride on a few occasions.

I did a couple of 6 month reviews of my 2018 too if you fancy checking those out as well, the first reviewed January to July and the second reviewed August to December. This year has been a lot more positive when I think about my mental breakdowns and the people I lost last year but this year has definitely not been plain sailing, but I’ll lay it all out for you so you can see it for yourself;


NYE- after a year long break -where we weren’t meant to be in contact which we both totally failed at- I got back together with Rob, however, 6 months later (22nd June to be precise) he ended the relationship again so our 2nd attempt didn’t actually last very long but oh well, nothing lasts forever I suppose…

7th was the day of my first practical driving test and I only went and passed it! A few minors but I can officially say I am someone who passed both their theory and practical tests first time- go me ^_^

10th I donated blood for the first time in Gloucester and got my official blood donor card, took a book to read while I was there to distract me from the needles and everything going on around me as I am terrified of needles but know it helps so many people.

20th I spent the day with my mum, step dad, brother and granny. We went to Hereford to watch Spirit of the Dance at The Courtyard. The performance featured 12 dancers (4 male, 8 female) and a violinist. They performed in various dance styles including river dance, ballet, tap and fan dancing. It was fabulous!

26th and 27th was a gluttonous weekend, I had a wine night with my friend Shannen on the Sat and went to Blossoms (a local all you can eat Chinese restaurant) with Rob on the Sunday and didn’t do much else so was eating and drinking without balancing out with ANY exercise but it was lush.


8th I went for dinner in Pizza Express with two of my musical theatre society friends from my school days Dani and Sacha, I hadn’t seen either of them in years and then we reunited after finding out we all live in/near Gloucester nowadays.

9th-10th was a weekend of dog sitting, snacks, takeaway and an old school style sleepover with Kat and Summer.

15th I found out my friend and Theatre director from my home town Graham passed away after a long battle with cancer. Rob came to his memorial service 2nd March with me, it was an emotional day but a lovely service with a packed out church demonstrating how many people’s lives were touched by Graham and how loved he was by all of those people.

16th I started my Partylite journey, sadly with so much else going on I’ve not managed to make the most of it yet but hoping that will change in the second half of this year and beyond.

25.2-1.3.19 I spent a week away with my mum, step dad and brother in Cardigan, we also spent St Davids day at Caerphilly castle which was lovely.


March was quite food focused, pancake day and then for lent I gave up crisps and fizzy drinks which made snacking tricky but I did it. Rob and I had a date night out in TGI Fridays, we had a family BBQ at Rob’s sisters house and then I had a girlie night with Shannen featuring a large amount of wine, laughter, snacks and catch ups.

I also started and completed the New Skills Academy wedding planner online course, got my certificate and started seriously thinking about my new career goals.


April had a theatre theme, starting with a weekend in Coventry seeing my uni wifey Abbie play Truly Scrumptious in her local theatre groups production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was awesome, so proud watching her perform, especially when she smashed her version of Doll on a music box. I went up there with another uni friend Antony so the three of us managed to spend a weekend together which was lush (wish it could happen more often), we also managed to spend time with Abbie’s family and went for a delicious carvery on the Sunday too-loved it.

Later on in the month (20th) I went to Cheltenham’s Everyman Theatre to watch the Avenue Q tour with two of my friends Kat and Summer (who has written a few guest posts for me if you want to read them) . It was such a funny show, I had previously only ever heard the soundtrack I’d never watched the show in full. It. Was. AWESOME!!! The cast had brilliant comic timing and my stomach hurt from all of the laughter!

April also featured my Partylite lauch party, but I have sadly not been able to do much more since.

Easter meant I could eat crisps and drink fizzy drink again, I probably should have kept it up as I did feel healthier for it but I eat when I’m emotional and this year I have needed to binge eat quite often… :/

This months cinema trips I went to see Marvel: Endgame and Dumbo so basically I handed over my cineworld card in exchange for emotional rollercoasters… worth it though. I actually really enjoyed both films. If you missed them I would recommend them. I’m not the biggest fan of Disney remaking all its animated films but Dumbo was different enough from the original to keep you on your toes and obviously the Marvel finale was EPIC.


4th (Star Wars day) I headed to Stratford to have a mini uni musical theatre group reunion as several of us Curtain Call alumni met up to go and see our friend Beth playing the Lady of the Lake in Spamalot– such a funny show and Beth did an incredible job!

I was meant to be attending a baby shower at home in Monmouth on the way back from Beth’s (stayed overnight at her and her boyfriends new house, it’s lush! and ate a LOT of Mcdonalds food) but public transport hates me so I ended up missing it, managed to get to Hereford but couldn’t get transport for the last 30 min drive, and then it took me twice as long to get home.

May was also my birthday month, I managed to milk it for a while so had lots of celebrations spanning over several days. I ended up going bowling, played mini golf, had a night out, went to Slimbridge Wetland Centre, had a carvery, all you can eat Chinese, Frankie and Bennys, Kaspas (a dessert place), had a bit of a pamper session by going all out with my hairdressers appointment and having a new cut, colour and buying some new products. Had a meal and another catch up with Dani and Sacha, got invited to Dani’s wedding and then went to vote. Managed to see a lot of my friends and some of my family over the month which was lovely.

18th May was Rob’s nephew Caspars 1st bday so we had a BBQ, this also happened to fall on mine and Rob’s 3rd anniversary but we didn’t really celebrate that-  guess now I know why…

Also during May I was looking at my finances and decided to start looking into house shares/lodging, made an advert on the Spareroom app and ended up finding a couple of options within that evening. It all happened very quickly and I ended up viewing and signing contracts for a property within the week! 


June was very busy! Early on I helped Rob’s sister and brother in law move into Rob’s parents place (a temporary fix while they wait for their new place to be built), helped sort out the garage and went on a little family outing with them to Cattle Country which is a lovely day out, especially if you have a young family.

6th was a day of work, quickly got changed and did my make up in the car and then attended Ed and Laura’s wedding, it was a lovely evening although sadly short lived due to other commitments.

12th-16th was Download festival which I will be writing a post about soon because so much happened.

19th- I went to the Cricket – New Zealand vs South Africa at Edgbaston with Rob and his family. It was a fab game, extremely close! Was also nice to bump into my work colleague Andrew for a pint too.

20th- was the launch of HP wizards unite game, achieved level 7 within 24 hours and am now nearly level 14- loving it, it’s basically Pokémon Go but Harry Potter themed. If you are a mobile gamer and love Harry Potter like I do I would recommend it.

22nd- I got dumped by Rob, the next few days my friends were inviting me out for food, to the cinema and coming round for film nights. I dread to think how much weight I gained with all the takeaways and snacks but it was totally worth it!

28/29th- My moving days. Looking back I should have chosen a different day to be hulking all of my belongings around as it ended up being the hottest day of the year and I got a heat rash as well as catching the sun, I also got attacked by my store room door and now have a mini crater in the side of my finger but I was so glad when it was all sorted. Thank you so much to my moving team for driving the van, helping to empty my flat, put things into my new place, put things into my storeroom and for putting up with my stress when things kept going wrong. Hope you enjoyed the ice creams/waffles at the end of the long day. An extra thank you to my friend Bonnie who stayed with me Sat night so I wasn’t on my own for the first night in a new place, for helping me clean my old flat, moving the last few bits into my new house and keeping me semi-sane the last few weeks.

Looking back it’s not been all that bad, in fact a lot of good/fun things have happened so far this year, think it’s just been tainted by the few bad things and thanks to anxiety and depression they are what my mind focuses on – yaaay for mental health issues. However, I do have lots of exiting things to look forward to later on in the year including weddings, birthday celebrations, theatre trips, films to watch and trips away.

I think that’s enough from me for one post…

Until next time, TTFN.

How has 2019 been treating you all so far? What are your highlights? Any awesome plans for the rest of the year? Let me know in the comments.  

Title image found via Pixabay and was credited to Mohamed Hassan– thank you.

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