I’m back

Hello everyone,

Just a little post this time.

I am back to being a blogger again. I took a few months off as was moving house, moving counties, changing jobs and restarting everything all over again and didn’t have time to focus on writing, I thought it was better for me to take a step back and get into the new flow of things then restart in the new year and now I’m back ^_^

I have been doing the occasional bit of writing over the festive period and come up with my plan for the year so I am definitely feeling more positive about things now. Can’t believe it’s 2020 already though, 2010’s went by far too quickly! (Although tbh I was very much ready for a new year to start after the year I had).

I have moved back home to Monmouth after having pretty much everything blow up in my face in Gloucester so I am starting over back here in Wales.

I found a new job within 3 days and a second job a month or so later, I am now finishing with the first job and going full time with the second starting tomorrow.

I am currently living with my Granny out in the sticks (getting frustrated with the slow speed and often bad connection of WiFi but it’s not the end of the world).

I have reconnected with some of my old friends, school friends and made a few new friends too, I have lots of plans for the year and hope to see them through and see a lot of positive changes come into fruition.

For now though this is just me saying I am back, ready for my weekly postings and looking forward to hearing/reading your feedback 🙂

Until next time, TTFN.

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